Set Boxes - More boxes available in sub-categories

$35.50 Box
Premium Mixed Small Fruit Box
$50.50 Box
Premium Mixed Medium Fruit Box
$65.50 Box
Premium Mixed Large Fruit Box
$27.50 Box
Bananas Half Box - 35 pcs - Fully ripe
$50.00 Box
Bananas Box - 70 pcs - Fully ripe
$27.50 Box
Half Granny Smith Apples box - 38 pcs
$50.00 Box
Granny Smith Apples box - 76 pcs
$30.00 Box
Half Pink Lady Apple box - 38 pcs
$56.00 Box
Pink Lady Apple box - 76 pcs
$45.00 Box
Green Pears Box - Approx 60pcs, 13kg
$24.00 Box
Half Green Pears box - approx 30pcs, 6.5kg

This seasonal selection of fruit boxes is available for weekly office deliveries. We bring them straight to your office kitchen fast and without fuss through our fruit and office snacks delivery in Sydney metro area.

Can't find what you need in our online store? We are happy to create custom orders for any office size and preference.