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We aim to be the No.1 provider of Aussie-grown premium quality fruits and healthy snacks for Sydney workplaces. 
Therefore, office deliveries are our highest priority.

Unfortunately our home deliveries will stop for good starting from next year, with the last delivery day being on 21st of Dec 2016. Thank you for ​staying with us for such a long time, and hope we can serve you again in the future.

Did you know? You can automate your shopping by setting up all or some of your products to be delivered weekly or fortnightly in the Frequency section. 

Did you know? You can add comments in the Instructions section eg. Avocado 1 Ripe ready-to-eat, 1 firm to last 2-3 days.  No request is to big or small, we are here to perfect your shopping experience smiley.


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